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Meet Maxx and Gracee

Hello, thank you for visiting our site!

We would like to tell you a little about ourselves, I will go first, since I came along first. My name is Maxx, I am a black lab and 88 pounds of pure energy. I just celebrated my second birthday on April 18th. My humans tell me that I am older in dog years, I think I will stick with counting in human years. I love the outdoors, playing with my friends at day care, and I especially LOVE to eat. My humans will tell you I will do pretty much anything for a treat! My most favorite thing to do is play with my Dad, he lets me roughhouse with him and he is my best friend. My Mom gives me the best massages and snuggles. Gracee is my sister’s name, she is a lot smaller than me but I am careful when I play not to hurt her – I love her a lot.

Move over Maxx it’s my turn…..Hello everyone, my name is Gracee aka Weenie. I am a pie bald brindle dachshund and 10 pounds of pure doxie pride, humans who have ever owned a doxie will know what I mean. For those humans who have not had the pleasure to own one of us, you should, the love a doxie shares is beyond anything else, we will steal your heart. I just turned one January 1st – my Mom tells me it’s a very special day, that’s gotta be because I was born into this world. I too enjoy doggie day care with my friends, beating my brother up when I can, and of course I love to eat just as much as my big brother. I like to copy a lot of what my brother does, it makes him feel special. I also love it when I get home from day care and my Dad plays with us then our Mom snuggles us up for the rest of the night – life couldn’t get any better for me!

Our Humans

Laurie Perkins (aka Mom)
I’ve had a love for animals since I can remember. Over the many years of being a dog owner, I tried to find clothes that were affordable yet fashionable to dress my fur babies.  With Maxx being so large and Gracee so small,  I still struggle to find the right fit.  With the realization of how hard this is, I put my love of fashion and animals together to create a dog clothing and accessory line that I hope you all enjoy!

Ron Cardinal (aka Dad)
I too have had a love for dogs as long as I can remember.  My daughter Haley knowing how much I have always wanted a black lab found Maxx for us.  Almost a year later, we were lucky a  second time to find Gracee, both have stolen my heart.   I am an avid out-doors-man with many hours spent playing or roller blading with Maxx and Gracee.  I love to ride my Harley in the summer months and spend as much time as I can with my daughter Haley.